Maintenance Services

Air Conditioner

When was the last time you climbed on the roof and pulled the cover off of your Air Conditioner?  Maybe Never?  Let us do the dirty work for you.  Included in this service:

  • Clean both Evaporator and Condenser coils
  • Verify Capacitor(s) and Compressor measure within specifications
  • Clean / Replace interior filters
  • Visually inspect Plenum and Air Ducts
  • Conduct Delta-T test to Validate AC operations



Water Heater

Water heaters should be cleaned and inspected at least once a year.  And for those steel tank heaters that anode rod needs to be replaced as well.  Our service includes:

  • Clean and Inspect exterior components
  • Drain and clean water heater tank
  • Verify electrical heating element measures within specifications
  • Inspect and clean propane burn tube



Your RV Absorption refrigerator depends on Heat, Air Flow, and Insulation to work effectively.  Dirty coils, dirty fans, poor propane flame, and missing or old insulation are common problems that we will address.  Our service includes:

  • Inspect and clean exterior components
  • Inspect insulation at top and side of refrigerator
  • Inspect and clean propane burn tube
  • Verify electrical heating elements measure within specification