About Greg

Hello and nice to virtually meet you. I have been an active RV enthusiast for more than 40 years. During that time, I have owned a Multiple Motorhomes, a Bumper Pull Toy Hauler, and a 5th Wheel trailer. My current rig is a Grand Design 5th wheel. Throughout my ownership journey I have learned so much and had the opportunity to perform extensive maintenance and repairs including everything from fixing appliances to completely replacing a Class C roof and front cap due to water damage.

As I retired from my career in Information Technology and Consulting, I decided to combine my passion for educating and helping others with my years of RV experience and start Grege RV. The driving force behind this move is less about making money and more about helping others enjoy the RVing experience. I am also an RVIA Certified Inspector and have created an Owner Education program that covers all aspects of the RV lifestyle.

Please reach out with any questions, whether you are in need of having a Certified Inspector to make sure that RV you are looking to buy is not a money pit or are wanting to accelerate your knowledge of RVs and be able to increase your overall enjoyment of RVing.

Here’s to seeing you along the road!

Camp Fire in Qurtzsite
Enjoying Quartzsite!